Pickleball and Basketball Court in Lake Austin

This Lake Austin Court was converted from a 30’x30′ Basketball Court with mildewed competitor court tiles and a broken basketball goal to a 30’x60′ Basketball and PickleBall Court.
The build involved extending the court by 15ft. and installing SportGame Pickleball Tile in the colors Bright Blue, Granite and Green, in order to make the court a dual-functioning Basketball and Pickleball court. We added a New PowerSlam Hoop, and Dual LED lights to improve the playing experience.
Now, the court is a playable Basketball and PickleBall Court, complete with new fixtures and an improved, highly-functioning court surface!


Lake Austin Court Features

30′ x 60′ Court
SportGame Pickleball Tile (colors: Bright Blue, Granite, Green)
New Powerslam Hoop
Dual LED Lights