Wacketball® is played like tennis with different equipment. No, not hockey gear -- just a special foam ball and Sport Court® Wacketball® racket. It's a good cardio workout that will improve your tennis skills, too.
Note: because a foam ball is used, Wacketball® does not play well in windy weather. Go fly a kite instead.

Game Rules


The playing area is the same for both singles and doubles. a) Service Area -- extending from penalty zone to the base line. b) Base Line -- back boundary line.


Shall be 36" on the ends pulled taut.


Official Wacketball® (available through Sport Court®)


Sport Court® Wacketball® racket.


Overhand, as in tennis. Server must stand behind the base line & within the imaginary extension of the center line & side line. The sever must be cross-court into the diagonally opposite service area. Two attempts at serve are allowed. As in tennis, the player serving alternates sides as each point is scored. The same player serves until game is completed.


Same as tennis; points scored when a side commits a fault.


Must be won by a margin of at least two points.


The first side to win six games by a margin of two games, or the first side to win seven games wins the set.


The first side to win two sets wins the match.


  • Hitting the ball out of bounds (a ball on the boundary line is good).
  • Stepping across the base line before hitting the serve.
  • Not allowing the serve to bounce before returning the serve.
  • Letting the ball hit the ground twice before shot is returned.
  • Any shot not crossing the net.
  • Hitting the ball more than once before it has crossed the net.
  • Being hit by, or touching the ball with anything other tha the racket.