Now you can hit the beach for a game of volleyball even if the beach is 1000 miles away. Throw a CD of waves crashing on the beach for the right effect and enjoy the sun on your face.

Game Rules


Standard Volleyball

Court Size

Recommended court size is 59' x 29'.


Men: 8'. Women: 7' 4". Quickly adjust the net height and you are ready to spike.


Each team may consist of any agreed upon number of players. However, too many players may get in each other's way and result in injuries.


Overhand or underhand behind baseline. Player serves in turn & serves until opponent wins service. Balls that hit the net on serve are 'good' and should be played. The serve may be hit with any part of the hand, fist or forearm. Serve must go over net and land within the boundary lines.


The ball may be volleyed up to three times before it must go over the net. No player may hit the ball twice in succession. One or two hands may be used.


After a team wins the service, players rotate one position clockwise before serving.


Scoring occurs on every play, regardless of team serving.


First team to score 21 points (tie must be broken with two point difference).


  • If the ball does not go over the net when served or goes out of bounds (if it hits base line, it is considered good), or is touched by a player before going over the net.
  • Holding or throwing the ball.
  • If ball touches any part of the body except hands or forearms.
  • Reaching over the net or touching the net with any part of the body.
  • Ball hits court surface.