In the era of multitasking, this is the perfect way to hone two sports skills at once. Then your kids just have to decide which scholarship to go after.

Game Rules


Use court as lined for boundaries.


36" on both ends, pulled taut.


Soccer ball, volleyball or four-square ball.


Server must stand behind the base line. On the serve, the ball may be kicked from hand or bounced once then kicked. The serve may land anywhere within the boundaries once it has crossed the net. Two tries at serve are allowed.

The ball must bounce once on service and return of service before it can be kicked in the air. After return of service, ball may be kicked in air or after one bounce.

Upon loss of service, ball goes to the other side. In singles, player continues serving until serve is lost. In doubles, serve alternates between teammates.

Any ball landing on a line is good. Any shot that may be kicked, may also be "headed" except for the service.


Scoring occurs on every play, regardless of which team is serving.


Played to 11 but must be won by 2 points.


The first side to 3 games.


The first side to win 2 sets wins the match.


  • Touching the ball with hands.
  • Hitting or kicking the ball out of bounds.
  • Letting the ball hit the ground twice before being kicked.
  • Any shot not crossing the net.
  • Hitting the ball more than once before crossing the net.


In doubles, the ball may be passed between team players two times before it must be kicked or headed over the net. The ball may bounce once between each pass.