If you think tennis is fast, wait until you start up a fierce game of Sport Court® backyard badminton. The birdie in some professional matches travels over 200 miles per hour! Maybe it's time to get your own backyard speed gun.

Game Rules


20' x 50'. The playing area is the same for singles and doubles. It will be necessary to create a neutral zone using Sport Court® custom paint marks. The neutral zone boundary line should be marked 6' out from the net on both sides.


The net shall be 5' 2" on the ends and pulled taut.


Any badminton racket may be used.


Birdie (any may be used).


Server must serve from within respective service court. Player served to must be in diagonally opposite service court. When server's score is even, service is from the right side of the court. When score is odd, service is from the left side of the court. Service must be underhand, below the waist at point of contact and must land in diagonally opposite service court. The serve must pass the 6' neutral zone to be in play.

In doubles, no player shall serve more than one consecutive point. The birdie alternates sides, not the players.


Only the side serving can score.


Play to 15. Must win by a margin of at least 2 points.


First side to win 2 games.


  • Serving overhand.
  • Touching the net or reaching over the net.
  • Hitting the birdie twice before it goes over the net.
  • Serving the birdie into the wrong service court (it must be served into the court diagonally opposite the server and beyond the neutral zone).
  • If birdie lands outside the boundaries of the court (if it hits the line, it is good), failes to go over the net or touches the court surface or a player.