Use a Sport Court paddle tennis racket and enjoy this game from every angle. Just think tennis, but with the mind of a volleyball master -- lob, volley, lob, volley -- then slam it home for the win.

Game Rules


Paddle tennis is typically played on a 50' x 20' court, which is used for both singles and doubles. The court is marked into four service areas, each 22 feet long by 10 feet wide, with a baseline 3 feet behind the service line. a) Service Area - The area extending from the net back to the service line. b) Base Line - The back boundary line 25' from the net line on both sides. Note: If there is less than 11 feet of back space, a special "lob area" rule goes into effect. Service lines then become baselines and the baselines become the lob lines, marking a 20' x 3' lob area. A short landing in this area must be a lob--that is, it must have reached a height of at least 10 feet above the court surface; otherwise it is considered "out".


The net is 31 inches high (a 36" net will work too) and is stretched taut between two posts, each 18 inches from the sidelines. The rules call for at least 15 feet of space behind each baseline and at least 10 feet of space on each side of the court.


SPORT COURT® tennis ball.


SPORT COURT® paddle tennis paddle.


a) Only one (1) try at a serve is allowed.
b) The serve is underhand and below the waist.


Same as tennis; points scored when a side commits a fault.
No Points = Love
1st Point = 15
2nd Point = 30
3rd Point = 40
4th Point = Game


Must be won by a margin of at least two points.


The first side to win six games by a margin of two games, or the first side to win seven games wins the set.


The first side to win two sets wins the match.


  • Hitting the ball out of bounds (a ball on the boundary line is good).
  • Stepping across the base line before hitting the serve.
  • Not allowing the serve to bounce before returning the serve.
  • Letting the ball hit the ground twice before shot is returned.
  • Any shot not crossing the net.
  • Hitting the ball more than once before it has crossed the net.
  • Being hit by, or touching the ball with anything other than the racket.