Evaluating School Gym Flooring Materials for Student Health and Safety

When it comes to selecting sports flooring materials for schools, impacts on the health and safety of students and employees should be a top priority. Unfortunately, many traditional options, such as carpet, rubber, vinyl flooring, and sealed concrete have been associated with injuries and/or health hazards.

Here are a few key considerations for evaluating school flooring materials and safe alternatives, including Sport Court® suspended modular flooring.

  1. Safer Environments with Sport Court® Floors:

While carpets may seem like a good choice for providing softer surfaces and reducing sound for students, they can be a significant source of dust, mold and skin infections. Allergens embedded in the surface can lead to respiratory problems or viruses. Carpets provide the perfect incubator for germs, dust mites, and dangerous bacteria found in exposure to blood, and other bodily fluids. Alternatives like polished concrete floors or epoxy floors, offer an easy to clean, dust-free environment, but have been found to result in varying degrees of severity regarding injuries. All Sport Court® surfaces provide exceptional protection against abrasions, contusions, head injuries and joint strain.

  1. Lower Risks of Ownership with Sport Court® Floors:

Most flooring materials, when exposed to moisture or water, can warp or bubble causing safety hazards or become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Sport Court® floors are proven to withstand moisture and other types of spilled or leaked liquids. If spills or flooding occurs, Sport Court® tiles are easily removed for cleaning and drying, then reinstalled with minimal downtime. This ensures a healthier, safer indoor environment for everyone in the school. Extensive third-party testing ensures that athletes of any age play safer while competing on Sport Court® flooring.

  1. Easy Maintenance:

Sport Court® floors are eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance. With the use of a damp mop, like Courtclean ®, and traditional auto floor scrubbers, the look and finish of a Sport Court® floor is assured.

  1. Versatility of Sport Court® Flooring:

For areas where sports and physical education activities take place, Sport Court® flooring emerges as an excellent choice. This type of flooring provides a cushioned, shock-absorbent playing court with patented Lateral Forgiveness™, reducing the risk of injuries during sports activities. Sport Court® flooring is durable, easy to clean, and offers customizable designs, making it an ideal option for gymnasiums and outdoor play areas.

  1. Sport Court® – The Ideal School Flooring:

Sport Court® flooring addresses concerns related to dust, mold, mildew, and toxic chemicals. In addition, Sport Court® provides an extra layer of safety and functionality not found in alternative flooring options.

Choosing Sport Court® as your school flooring materials not only promotes the well-being of students and staff but also simplifies maintenance and contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Make a conscious decision for the benefit of your school community by opting for a safe and sustainable flooring solution.