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Sport Court® of Austin's Testimonials

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Thank you for all your help and great work on our Sport Court. We love it and can’t imagine what we did without it! It has been used non-stop since built. As a 2nd generation SC owner I have such great memories of our family Pickleball tournaments. I can’t wait to start the same tradition with my kids. Thank you again for a job well done.

-Wes & Lisa Stamp

Dear Vic,
I'm writing to share with you my family's appreciation and complete satisfaction with our sport court, installed by your company several years ago. Our 3 kids, 2 through Westlake High School, 1 still there, have each used the court ALOT, to practice their respective sports, entertain friends and generally hang out, in our yard and at our house. One of them said the other day he thought it was the best "family investment" we'd ever made. I agree. So thanks. You have a great product.

Sincerely yours, Wayne Bost

I hope all is well. I just wanted to give you an update on the tennis court. All is great. I am playing more than ever. A couple of weeks ago we had major flash flooding. Our car could not get across for 3 hours the creek was so high. We actually had to walk around to our neighbors’ property to get to our house. We were the lucky ones.

Anyway, the tennis court was great. No water at all and the drainage went completely around the court. What is amazing is how fast the court dries. After a major rain fall, it only takes about 2 hours to completely dry up in the sun.

We have not been able to complete all of landscaping since the woman we are working with is busy and we are doing this cost effectively.

However, the walkway from the drive to the tennis court is done, the tennis shed behind the back board is done and we were able to do a burn so there is no more brush in front of the court. It looks pretty good.

If you wanted to take pictures (if you already haven't) you can do so anytime. I can reach back out to you next year when we have our grape vines and all of the trees installed and the landscaping has really come together. The tennis court area will continue to evolve over time. I want to make it look like it is in the middle of a park. :-)

That's it. I hope your business is doing well.

Cristine Beaudin, Canyon Ranch Road, Spicewood, TX

We would like personally commend Jason Winkler and Sport Court of Austin for the great product and service we received this past year. Our family of four absolutely loves the court and find ourselves using it more regularly than we had expected. The quality of the product is outstanding – we have not found a thing we considered less than first class.

Our particular purchase was combined with a construction project that added additional timing and service delivery requests. Jason and Sport Court of Austin were very understanding and accommodating in the process.

Given my experience and the quality of the product we have and will continue to recommend Jason and Sport Court of Austin to anyone interested in an outdoor family entertainment venue.

The Breyfogle Family , Austin, TX 78746

“When an agent secures a listing on a home with a Sport Court® in it, I know they will have a much easier time finding a buyer for that house than a similar home with a swimming pool.”

- J.B. Goodwin, CEO/Broker, JBGoodwin Company

“I wanted to let you know how much we love our Sport Court®. At least one of our three kids uses it every day. I promise I'm not exaggerating – we use it every day.”

- Cindy and Lamar Slay

“The first night the court was completed, our entire family had a blast playing tennis and basketball and we realized how much 'together time' we had been missing.”

- Mac Pfeiffer

“My ability to continue to play through the joint pain, after so many years on concrete, was reaching the point of no return. Sport Court® gave me a second chance; and I am able even now at 65 to play two hours with no problems of any kind.”

- Howard Rubin

“I am writing to tell you how much our Sport Court® has meant to my family over the 14 years that we have had it. I have two boys, who early on used the Sport Court® to learn to ride tricycles and bikes because we live on a steep hill and this provided the only flat surface…. They learned to hit the baseball off a tee and … to catch. Eventually…they learned to shoot baskets…. They each have been excellent three-point shooters… attributable solely to many hours they spent on the court.”

- Donde L. Plowman

“It's become an even bigger bonus now, with eight grandchildren, than it was with four children.”

- Russell Gregory

“You originally constructed my Sport Court® in 1980 when my daughter was in middle school and my son was a freshman in high school. I feel that this contributed to their success in athletics in high school. My son played football and my daughter played several sports but she excelled in basketball…she was selected to the All-District First Team.”

- Jenalou Hunsucker